Atomic Swap

An effortless way to exchange Bitcoin and Monero

Cross-chain atomic swaps are a 100% secure and trust-less way to exchange bitcoin and Monero.

What makes the difference

No intermediary

When making an atomic swap, you don’t need a third party to coordinate the exchange. The transaction is fulfilled following an agreed protocol that assure that no party can take advantage of the other.

No complicated set-up

While the swap is effortless to process, a user will need some low-level systems knowledge to install some components and set them up correctly to be able to transact.

No compromise of privacy and safety

In contrast to BTC, XMR is a privacy-oriented network, you can send your BTC to XMR and transact there in a private way. You cannot protect your privacy using a third party to achieve this.

No conversion to fiat

You use your own BTC and XMR addresses and you don’t need to convert to fiat first.

No difficulty in making swaps

An exchange requires two parties, both with the special client that implements the mentioned protocol. While one part makes the offer, the other will find it and accept it. The protocol cryptographically provides means to make sure that no party can take advantage of the other one.

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