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Take Control Of Your Business Payments In Crypto

Cicada Wallet provides the freedom and infrastructure to make payments according to your business needs

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Get the best of Cicada
Business Wallet

Cicada Business Wallet brings you the framework to operate as a company with cryptocurrencies.

Integration with BI platforms
Batch payments to multiple employees
Simplify tax reports
Automate recurring payments
Integrations to accounting systems
Manage multiple companies

Now it's not only smarter to make payments in Crypto. It's easier too.

Receive payments, pay to your employees, track the changes and synchronize them to your existing accounting system, and much more.

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Built in security and compliance

With the two-factor authentication We place high priority in making sure our clients and users data are highly protected.

Designed for user privacy

Carry out safe and untracable transactions from anywhere in the world

Are you still paying high bank fees?

Take control of your bank transactions by switching over to Crypto with Cicada Business Wallet.

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Our Exchange Currencies

Monero on Cicada

For privacy, Monero leads the way to make untraceable transactions on Cicada.

Bitcoin on Cicada

With its accessibility and proven security, make your transactions in Bitcoin.

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Multiple Companies, Accounts and payment templates in one app

With our Batch payment, send money to multiple
people with one Click.

Integrate the Cicada Wallet business app setup for your team or company.