Cicada Wallet is made for effortless management


Multiple companies on the go

Are you managing several companies simultaneously? Cicada Wallet allows for efficient management of all your companies on the go.


Multiple users access and management

Control who in your team can do what by assigning permission rights according to your own organizational structure.


Tracking made easy

Keep track of historic prices and your current and past transactions across all accounts. Easily track invoice ID and business partner details status.


Secure system for seed backup

Rest easy with our secure system for seed backup to prevent any money loss.


Simplified tax reports and calculation of capital gains tax

Cicada Wallet helps with properly calculating capital gains tax and has accounting friendly tax exports.


Multiple accounts in one click

If you're making transactions in both Bitcoin and Monero, you can effortlessly manage Multiple Accounts in one app.

Integrate the Cicada Wallet business app setup for your team or company.